When Disaster Hits!

Helpful Hints

Tiffany Quibodeaux
July 13th, 2021

Recently, a tornado came through a neighboring city. The small community has rallied around each other in an incredibly special way. There also has been a tremendous outpouring from other cities and even other states. At times like these I am reminded of a quote by Michael Dooley which states, “Disaster gave me two things; a moment to react and a decision to overcome". At this time, many folks are cleaning up and salvaging what they can. Here are a few helpful hints after any tragedy or disaster hits:

  • Get a rough timeline from your insurance agent on the next steps.
  • Obtain boxes with folders to hold documents and receipts.
  • Arrange cleaning or restoration service for clothes, house and property,
  • Call Got Storage and rent unit(s) for vehicles and/or possessions we are ready and willing to make it as stress free as possible.
  • Coordinate your work schedule if needed.
  • Arrange schedules for childcare providers if needed.
  • Contact your utility companies.
  • Contact your mortgage holder or landlord.
  • Rent a postal box if mail needs to be redirected.
  • Arrange for a security service to prevent looting if needed.
We sincerely want you to know that we are here for you and will gladly help in any way we can. Either during a pandemic or natural disaster or a simply needing a little extra room to store your household items, RV, boats and other water craft. Remember, the team at Got Storage is ready to assist you and your family. https://www.gotstorageyet.com/self-storage-livingston-tx-f4323