Size Matters

Choosing A Facility

Tiffany Quibodeaux
July 13th, 2021

When you have determined that your situation will require storage you will inevitably come up with several questions. One of the first considerations when looking for a storage facility will usually be cost and location. Once the location and the cost are determined the next question probably will be what size will I need? First, take into consideration what you will be storing and list them and approximately the sizes. Many storage facilities have a storage calculator on their website. These storage calculators are a very handy tool, but sometimes are not accessible. To assist you in determining the size, here are some descriptions of different size storage units: 5x10 is the average size of a walk-in closet. This unit can typically store a mattress, a sofa (which can be set up on one end propped up in a corner) several boxes, and a chest of drawers. 10x10 is the size of a small bedroom, this unit could store the furnishings of an apartment or up to 200 file boxes. 10x15 is the size of a large bedroom, this unit could store the furnishings of a 2-bedroom apartment, other items such as patio furniture, also a washer and dryer, and other misc. items. 10x20 the size of one-car garage. In this unit you would be able to store a 2-3-bedroom house and major appliances, along with several boxes. One very good idea is to visit the storage facility. This will allow you to see the cleanliness and the security of the facility, this will also give you a chance to see the unit and to better determine the most accurate size for storing your items. Careful planning will make the transition less stressful and hopefully be more cost effective.