Not All Storage Facilities Are Created Equal

Choosing A Facility

Tiffany Quibodeaux
July 13th, 2021

The first question to ask is how old is the facility? Most facilities in the local market are 20 years and older. The age factor will show many differences between an aged facility and new facility. Security is a great example. Many moons ago, storage facility gate access was one code or a simple pad lock. You may ask yourself, what happens when a tenant moves out? What if they left on bad terms? Uggg. They still know the gate code or could copy a key. What will the facility do when someone moves out...change the gate code for everyone? Unfortunately, most older facilities do not change the codes or keys. At new facilities, each tenant has their own unique code. When they move out, the code is immediately removed. A big question is safety and theft. You should consider asking local authorities if there has been any theft at the facility or if it is a safe area of town. It would also be wise to ask the facility manager if there is camera surveillance. If yes, then ask how long they keep the running tape. Most facilities keep 7 days, but a facility can spend more money to install a bigger hard drive on the surveillance system to keep up to 30 days. Another example of modern verses old fashioned facility is offering online reservations. Online services most of the time include bill pay and rentals and bill pay which is essential in our fast-paced society and a great asset. Facilities entering in the new century offer account access through tenant’s desktop, laptop, iPad or even mobile phones. It’s always very helpful to find big building lettering and large unit numbers which allows people to easily locate their units. When looking for a potential facility you may be interested in touring the halls and units, then ask yourself does it appear to be clean and well lit? There are some facilities you will find apply clear epoxy coating on hallway floors lets the halls sparkle and shine. Many new facilities offer lighting in bigger units. A very good idea is to go observe the facility during evening hours, make sure it is well lit for added security. Several innovative facilities offer assorted packing and moving supplies for your convenience. Make sure to ask what year a facility was open so you can determine if it will have some of these mentioned amenities.