Helping Hand for the Holidays

Helpful Hints

Tiffany Quibodeaux
July 13th, 2021

You can feel crispness of the air and hear the rustling of the leaves, this can only mean one thing.....the holidays are about to begin!!!  Let Got Storage give a helping hand!  There are several different ways that we can make the holidays and family "get togethers" flow with comfort and ease.

1.  Got Storage is a great "hiding place". Come bring all your gifts to your storage unit and let all the gifts be a great surprise.  There's no chance of "sneaky peekers" here!  Even for those extra big gifts we have 14x40s or 14x50s! Last year, one father took advantage of this and hid a brand new truck for his son. Boy was his son surprised!

2.  Got Storage is a great place to assemble your gifts (bikes/toys) so they will be ready, hassle free for Christmas morning!  Parents/Grandparents can sit back and enjoy their holidays with ease and confidence that is one thing checked off their list! What a great feeling during this chaotic time of year.

3.  At Got Storage we love family time.  We know how crowded your house can become with parties and guest spending a few days in your home.  Bring extra furniture or other items to declutter your home to free up space in your house or apartment, so everyone is comfy while they spend time with you and your family.

We at Got Storage have a variety of sizes to meet all your storage needs.  Also at Got Storage we bill month to month and prorate when you rent your unit (you will never pay for days you weren't here when you rent a unit)!  This makes it easy and affordable to store with us for the holidays!  Once you discover how convenient it is to have the extra space that you may even decide to stay after the holidays!